Greenville, SC

A Labellum (in botany) is the central petal at the base of an Orchid or Canna flower. The Labellum stands unique from other petals by its particular shape. We chose the name Labellum because it inspires the idea of creative growth. We are a dedicated team of storytellers and brand strategists who help our clients flourish through comprehensive, creative solutions.

Evan Cole Barnes


I am a visual storyteller. My passion lies in commercial video production and distribution. My goal, first and foremost is not to rely on hope - but on market research and comprehensive strategy so that together we can hit specific goals. We must focus on this whole process, A-to-Z in holding your customers hand from stranger to lifelong consumer. I work alongside of you to make this journey as beautiful and flawless as possible. Bachelors of Science in Cinematography and Film Theory | Master in Campaign Management. East Tennessee State University and Next Level Creators Alumni.

Jeshaiah Bretz

Lead Designer

My heart is rooted in helping people succeed by leveraging the advantages of creative services. I firmly believe in using design to communicate and relate with an audience who genuinely care about common ideas and goals. While my skill set revolves primarily around creating brand systems and designing digital experiences, I have previous expertise in illustration and conceptual art. Strategy is always at the forefront for me when creating brand identities and building websites that can resonate with the world. Always striving for my best work. The Futur Academy Alumni. 

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